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Food and Wine Pairing: Elevate Your Taste Experience!

Taste is subjective and so there is no right or wrong choice when it comes to choosing your vino. The ideal outcome is to create a taste experience by considering what types of wines and foods you (and your guests) most enjoy. Wine is meant to elevate food. With a proper wine pairing, food actually tastes better!

Despite personal preferences, there are some general pairing rules to send you in the right direction.

1)       Match the body of the wine with the body of the food to keep them on a level playing field.  Delicate flavours with lighter bodied wines (lower alcohol content) and full flavoured foods with heavier wines (higher alcohol content).

2)      Contrast or complement?  Choose one method.  Complementary choices seek to imitate similar flavours, i.e. a crisp Riesling with citrus flavours paired with lemon-squeezed fish.  Contrasting creates opposite flavours, i.e. salty cheese served with sweet dessert wines.

3)      Choose your wine based on the strongest flavour on the plate.  This can be the sauce, but is generally the protein portion of the meal.

4)      Don’t feel restricted by the old adage, “red wine with red meat and white wine with fish or chicken”. It applies in a few special cases, such as serving white wine with fish if it's an oilier fish (salmon, sardines, anchovies), since the fat in the fish brings out the less friendly tannic acid flavours of red wine. But there are plenty of times beef or lamb will make as good (or even a better) match with white wine.

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