Wine Kitz

Customer Testimonials

Feb 17

Donald Mader, Colonial Creekside Grand Guest House, Waterloo, Ontario

As a customer of Wine Kitz Waterloo for over three years, I can say that I am more than pleased with their products and with the excellent assistance provided by Kelly. The store is immaculate, organized and welcoming, as is Kelly herself! I'm happy to say that I'm a lifer at Wine Kitz Waterloo.

Mar 18

Eszter & Patrick

We loved working with Kelly to make wine for our wedding. We ended up going back and making another batch for a second event. It's really fun to be involved in the process, and we were delighted that everything was not only efficient and clean but also really enjoyable!

Mar 18


I have always been extremely pleased with the variety of wines that I have made at Wine Kitz. Kelly is always friendly and provides superior service. I have never been disappointed and I highly recommend Wine Kitz Waterloo!